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On Laptop Expert you can read about all the things you need to know before buying a laptop computer. I’ve tried to explain the basics and provided tips on how to find used, refurbished and cheap laptops. I hope you’ll find this site useful.

Why a laptop?
Why should you buy a laptop? For anyone on the move having a laptop is a must now days. The great advantage is that you can use it wherever you’re and whenever you feel like it. I use my laptop all the time, I can work from home, take it with me when I’m on vacation. Being able to sit down in a park and accomplish something in nature is a great advantage for me because I don’t feel trapped in office and I get a lot more work done as well.

A lot of people tell me they would like to buy a laptop but think they’re to expensive. That’s not necessarily true, you can buy decent laptops for very affordable prices. When buying a cheap laptop you need to figure out what laptop you want to as there are three options available. You can buy a brand new cheap laptop, a used laptop or a refurbished laptop. There are thing to take into account for whatever you decide and that’s why you should read my Cheap Laptop Guide before making up your mind.

New and cheap laptops
Buying a new and cheap laptop is a good idea but how can you actually save money on that? The secret is that you can buy a model from the previous year that manufacturers want to get rid of. That way you can save a lot of money.

Refurbished laptops
A refurbished laptop is a laptop that was previously used but has been returned to the manufacturer. The good thing about refurbished laptops is that they were checked by the manufacturer and usually come with a 3-month warranty.

Used laptops
Used laptops are also an option. You can check any of the popular auction sites or your local newspaper and find tons of ads of people selling used laptops. Look around and you’ll do great.

Whether you buy a new, used or refurbished laptop you need to read my Laptop Buying Guide. Laptop Buying Guide explains the fundamental things of all the components (parts) a laptop consist of and what to watch out for before you decide what laptop to buy.

There are a lot more articles on this web site but to get started – get to know the basics first and remember the more educated you get the better buy you’ll be able to find when searching for the laptop that suits You and Your needs perfectly. Also read the Laptop Reviews as they can be helpful as well.